How Our Product Works

An all in one system to keep track of your deals!

Integrate our custom built CRM!

Our mission at Glanzair is to take the complication out of digital marketing for our partners.  Our custom built CRM can:

– Follow up with your deals through automation
– Generate contracts 
– Assign tasks so you never drop the ball
– Upload photos of your deals so you can easily send to your buyers.
– And much more.. 

Create mail campaigns

Our team will help you email leads so you never have to miss a deal. You can segment your leads and send personalized messages to any kind of deal you interact with. 

We build you a custom website

Leads are the lifeblood of all businesses.  The problem with real estate is there are so many things you can do, it gets easy to be overwhelmed with where to start.  Bandit signs, craigslist, facebook, google, reddit, networking are all competing for our hard earned time & money.  We faced these same challenges when we first started in the Real Estate business.  After struggling to constantly find deals we stopped trying to do everything to focus on one thing: digital marketing

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Follow up with your leads through automation.

So many businesses miss out on deals because of one thing: Following up. We have created an automation system that will reach out to your potential deals, so you do not have to worry about it. 

Advertise Your Business

We understand that getting eyeballs on your website can be tough. Our team has generated leads through Google Adwords and Facebook for Fortune 5000 companies.