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1. Rocket Mortgage

See my advice featured in this recently published piece on Rocket Mortgage that focuses on the Women’s Housing ROI Gap. See the complete version of two of my top tips below:


Investment Potential 

One of the first things that we look for are what we call the “wow” factors. “Wow” factors are usually kitchens and bathrooms, if these haven’t been updated you as the potential investor are in a good position. Usually, sellers do not want to update these parts of the house as they can be expensive. Updating these will add tremendous value to the house. They are a huge selling point further down the road. 



If you are serious about your offer write a letter. No one actually takes the time to write hand written letters that tie in commonalities with the sellers. You will instantly stand out among a crowded feel. People have a hard time saying no to emotion, especially if you make the letter personalized. Let the seller know how you plan to improve the property in the letter and how much you appreciated the hard work they put into the property up to this point.