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A Free Passive Income Training Webinar.

This webinar will include advice on how to invest in the United States for passive income, inovative ways to use your money, and actionable steps you can take to grow your return on investment. 

Speakers and Educators

Sanjeev Birari

Sanjeev Birari

Sanjeev S. Birari is an international marketing, sales, and business development professional with over twenty years of experience in the technology and real estate industries who has lived and worked in Dubai, Singapore and the United States. He is also a blockchain technology specialist and is an advisor and business development consultant to real estate blockchain startups focuses on global fractional investment and crowdfunding.

What we Will Cover

New Products to Invest

New Products to Invest In

Tired of the stock market and the constant stress? We will be discussing some newer products that have become very popular within the last five years. Take a deep dive with us as we discuss both the pro's and con's of each product.

Different Types of Investments

With so many investment options out there how do you know where to put your hard earned money? Discover our tips for finding and vetting different types of investments in today's marketplace.

How to Calculate Your Return

No one wants to achieve sub optimal results, yet we see so many people struggling to calculate their true ROI on an investment. We will be breaking down how to think, calculate and act to achieve the best return possible. What you see on paper is not also reality.

Free Resources to Get Started

To help you get started with have compiled a full list of resources that we wish we had when we started on this journey. These will help you put the topics we will explain into action. These are 100% free for anyone who attends the live webinar.

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